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Reviews for "Noise from Downstairs"


I looks to me like David Firth had a strong influence on you. If you decide to make another animation, please size it differently. This one was very large and would often lag on my computer. Good luck in the future!

VlikeVince responds:

David Firth is a genius.And i know that my cartoons and his cartoons
have something in common:Scary,emotional,message.
But i can't do any other cartoons.This genre is in my blood.If i try to make comedy
it is a....well.....it is an abortion!^^

Good but the drawings...

The tittle of my review says everything.

Its good : )

I liked the sound and the atmosphere. the story was really good, because I know those kinds of situations.(i was working at a hosptial in a palliative ward.)
The only thing i didnt like was the drawing of the faces and heads. everyting else fits to the atmosphere but a little nicer faces would have made the characters look more authentic.
All in all it is a good flash movie in my point of view.

(excuse my english, I'm out of practice...)


That's all i can say, Terrible.
Bad drawing
bad sound
and very bad animation.
if this even does make it past judgment then at least change it to teen, i'm not sure younger audiences would enjoy this.

VlikeVince responds:

well try to make a cartoon!
as i see you dont have any....wow!

it was kinda ok

work on the draw, makes it to weird