Reviews for "When You Wish Upon A Star"

Watch it Twice. It's Better

I'm a bit girly, so this surprised me. It was these adorable stars being all cuddly and sweet, and then madness. O_O I almost cried the first time, thinking "Ahhh! Star abuse!" But them I rewatched it, and I couldn't stop laughing. It's a really well-animated/made flash vid. But I had to watch it twice so I wasn't as surprised for the chaos that ensued.
& yes, the volume was even too loud on the lowest setting on my netbook. :)


uhhh thats kind of pointless, its cool but its kind of boring you should have made it longer or maybe what happened to the star or something.

Nice Work

I will warn anyone, keep your hand on the volume control as it does get very loud, but let that not take away from the bigger picture. I have honestly never thought of anything like that before! lol Certainly worth watching twice



So amazing!

At the beginning i thought to myself, "wow, its looks really beautiful, and has a wonderful mellow, happy tone" Then, right to the end i was like, "ZZZOMG LOLCATZZ FUCKING HILARIOUS XD" Great vid man, good piece of work.