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Reviews for "Duality"


its a ok game i guess.

(Stupid fuc*ing fire/clouds)

Not very original..

Not the first time I've seen a game like this.. But nice graphics, and nice concept (only that you have to choose one over the other). 7/10 :)


I played the game untill I had beat it for both good and evil on all levels. And I have the following comments.

1. In general the game and gameplay were good, it was fun, and I liked that you chose between them. The graphics were nice.

2. The end. Seriously? That is what we get after beating everything. The end. Kind of a let down to be honest.

3. The automatically trying to send the scores to facebook. That seriously pissed me off. I can understand giving us the option, but don't pop shit up on me without asking (that is where you lost points big time with me).

4. The deaths seem kind of.. repetative, it would be nice to see some different things happen. After playing 22 levels to win each twice it gets old.

5. I like that you can choose to kill one, but I think you should also be allowed to save both in levels where it is possible (several of the levels it is possible to get both units to the finish at the same time.

I hope to see changes in Duality 2. At the very least, kill the bloody pop up facebook score submission at the end. 4/5 7/10 for this..

KingDotCom responds:

Thanks for the thorough review. Where did you get the automatic facebook score submission? That's a bug we'd like to fix (it is NOT intentional, we know that people don't like it). Thanks.

It won't play. It's stuck on the upgrade Flash screen. It tells me that I have to have at least Flash 10 to play; I'm using Flash 11.

It's 2015. I'm using hyper laser flash. Far beyond your pitiful "version numbers"

It's so powerful it could bypass your silly flash version message if I wanted it to.

But I don't.