Reviews for "Kiwitiki - Tikiwi Rescue"

Perfect zone game.

I loved it! Awesome! Great music score, scene, graphics, collision, ect... The only thing is the whatever you are controlling. He seems see through and I am not sure if that is the way it was ment to be or a fluke. But all in all I love it.

Eye-candy for the birds

Gameplay wise; it's nothing special. But it knows to not be too long, and it has a good score system that encourages you to do a good job without downright punishing you. Music wise; the main theme tune and the death tune is annoying. But the victory and ending tunes are great.

But obviously; the thing that everyone is going to appreciate most here is the art design. Visually; it's total win. The way the characters are designed, the way they're animated, the menu design, ext. Everything works here.

This is a pretty systematic review; but that's because I'm eager to see you make more games and have them be more fun to actually play.

Yet another Boomshine rip off.

Different graphics and music doesn't change the fact that the gameplay is the same. At least try changing the idea a bit. 8-)

i liked it

i loved the art in the game kind kidish but none the less good for this game hope to see more from you

its so simple

ive seen a game just like this. but other thatn that great game