Reviews for "-[KK] Eric Clapton Sucks"

Just No

This was not humorous or neat. This was horrendously horrible.

No, he doesn't

I think this is one of the Kitty Krew's most enjoyable submissions, if only because it was pretty creative. I guess I am not a fan of Eric Clapton either way, but you should not be so negative. I was impressed by the sheer number of songs used for this. It is such a breath of fresh air to find out that everyone contributed to this in their own way. That might not be saying much, but better than most of the stuff the Kitty Krew has done. My favorite part was seeing Meowth, as he is such a cool character.


You made my eyes hurt and my ears die.

My mind is.... blown

by the sheer awful of this. next time (and I hope there's no next time on THIS one), try applying skill instead of just warping a bunch of stuff drawn in MS Paint, flashing 2 colors, and trying to find ways to slander clapton. I'm not a fan of him either- but admit it, this was a poor-quality flash. KK may just be extra protection points, but you kids should really come together and try using flash to make good flash.

How in the hell

Does this stuff not get blammed when going through review?

Does anything with a KK stamp on it automatically get passed, because they know it's shit that's made to be shit, or what?

I mean really... None of it is funny... it's like someone takes all the stale jokes from /b/, dumbs them down, and puts them in flash videos, expecting people to laugh...

I don't see why you guys just don't do something productive for once, instead of spamming the portal with crap like this.

And no, for the record, I'm not a Clapton fan. I quite agree that he sucks, but this level of flash is even worse than his music.

Seriously, do something useful for once, make a flash that's worthy of showing how much Eric Clapton sucks, or whatever other joke you guys feel is necessary, but take some time and make it funny.

This is just pathetic.

Charcoal125 responds:

[KK] = free protection points