Reviews for "Cannon Shot"


good work!!!
i like it! :P

make more like this :D

Few things....

First, please let us fire all our cannon balls before the level is over. I really would like to see how many i can get per level. You can even have the players score be an acumulation of points for all levels.

Level 18: +4str +4stm leather belt? OOOOOO AHHHHH!!!!! Jk. Seriously thoguh, the physics on that level are messed up. My ball was going thgouh the block below the cannon.

Level 24: OMG physics. I think you may have too many boxes on screen at once being affected by the flash physics engine. after i fired the first shot, my computer cried. Perhaps you have a better machine than the rest of us, but please, turn off physics (if possible) after everythign stops or atleast settles, untill we fire again.

All in all, excellent game.

9 stars thoguh because i want to be able to shoot the cannon more.

Good game

All in all, its a good game. There is only one tiny problem, the indicator bar that helps aim disappears, thins out or simply fails to show the real power behind the shot. Keep up the great work!

well done . but

could have been brilliant if the level didnt end instantly when you get the blocks. having the option pop up to move on is a better idea. half the fun of these games is messing with the physics


It is a pretty good game. My piece of advice would be to lower the score limit or change it for each different level. That would make the game more difficult. I think 250 is to easy to get. Keep up the good work. :)