Reviews for "Cannon Shot"

Nice try

It's a good game, but it's too easy. You should try to make some more difficult levels. You should not use the minimum points as 250, maybe 400, or 500 sometimes? And the music were great.

good game but to easy

it in ok game but it was to simple. for me try to make something that really has to make me think.

Great but with flaws

It would have been a 9 if it wasn't because of the amount of flaws.
The score limit is way too low, haveing it at 250 all the way through is not exactly a good idea when there is 1000 points worth in blocks.
The physics needs alittle tweak here and there. the blocks for the most part messed up in weird ways. The ball for example. if it lands on a platform it almost stops completely.
And lastly, the difficulty is waaay too low. it is so incredibily easy...
But all in all its a good game! And i LOVE the music! Nice choice! :D


it was way too easy, the point system is too easy also, but the idea was great and it was fun, oh yeah... why is there a tutorial on level 20???

Is that all?

Damn I thought "I'll be finishing the tutorials and blasting blocks away for real in no time" then the congratulations screen appeared... It's too easy, try making more levels and raise the difficulty by... a lot. When I was getting addicted it just stopped suddenly, kind of leaving me wanting for more...

"the game is noob-proof."
Please add expert mode next time :P