Reviews for "Snorlax Vs Snorlax"

Hilarious parody

This was a great pokemon parody flash you made,the animation wasn't spectacular but it was solid and the voice acting was good though the quality could have been a little better,the concept of the flash was hilarious seeing a normal fat Snorlax & a well fit in shape Snorlax and the script was done very well,the end was hilarious seeing the fit Snorlax break both the fat Snorlax & it's trainer,overall i enjoyed this flash very much and think you did a great job on this Pokemon parody.

vlaktemaat responds:

thanks bro!

deformed snorlax ownage!!!

lol... get outta here with your deformed snorlax...
SNORLAX you know what to do... *cracks snorlax neck* he falls and farts lol epic.

Snorlax, show him your moves, and he starts dancing lol, he reminds me of a weird fat guy dancing.

Love it!

I GIVE IT A TEN! what is that credit songs name? :D i liked teh music. ^.^

vlaktemaat responds:

look on youtube for KUD remix

thums up for muscular sorlax dancing

"you can't do that, you killed him" other snorlax comes and kills him. and it's impossible to make snorlax be that buff.