Reviews for "Snorlax Vs Snorlax"


that was awesome


no wonder you can't see snorlax eyes... i'm scared

Hilarious parody

This was a great pokemon parody flash you made,the animation wasn't spectacular but it was solid and the voice acting was good though the quality could have been a little better,the concept of the flash was hilarious seeing a normal fat Snorlax & a well fit in shape Snorlax and the script was done very well,the end was hilarious seeing the fit Snorlax break both the fat Snorlax & it's trainer,overall i enjoyed this flash very much and think you did a great job on this Pokemon parody.

vlaktemaat responds:

thanks bro!

oh got you!

u used the same snorlax dance in ur newest flash! SLACKER...

i love the story line in this btw

Is it me or does Snorlax look stoned?