Reviews for "Snorlax Vs Snorlax"

Very entertaining

The dancing bit to me was the best. Poor snorlax showed his best moves and got his head twisted then died at the end. No one cares about the trainers. Just...the snorlax's real win. Overall, it was a great animation that really gets a trophy.

"This was so funny! Remember when snorlax did that then snorlax...pff...ha ha ha..." ~Shawn G.

funny dance

Whenever i see the snorlax dance i laugh but still regret watching the end, I could care less about the trainer but the snorlax ... the snorlax

very funny

i loved did you used some REAL pics. i like the fat one dance 5/5 10/10


-Oh Yeah? well, I trained my snorlax to OPEN, HIS, EYES!
(opens eyes) OnO!

vlaktemaat responds:


That must be swahili for "you are the best"


I almost feel bad for ol' fatty fat Snorlax, and the dancing bit killed me lol.

vlaktemaat responds:

indeed "almost" :D