Reviews for "Create a Plop!"

I made a great plop but...

Suddenly, I can't send my plop cuz I live in Hungary, But it would be a great feeling-any other ways?

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Descrobe it through a PM. E.g Green Hands, Blue Body, Tin Head! Etc

i made one but

the contest is over!!

BanglaBoy96 responds:

:) if you view the 2nd one, you can enter it!

I-i-i-i-i--i-i love this!

a dressing game

that's very bad and plop you kidding me thats the worst name ever.

BanglaBoy96 responds:

If it's the worst Game ever why did you give it a 5/10
You dumbass!


This game needs improving.Better graphics and more parts.Oh and the guy below me is a hater.You dont hate a game you dont like it.

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Tanx I guess. I might ad in more Parts!