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Reviews for "Spike and Mudley"


Waiting for more of S&M! :) Voice acting perfectly fits the characters, I like the drawing style and animation as well. The storyboard is simply funny and sarcastic. Music was a perfect choice for the environment. Thumbs up!

That was all?

Didn't laugh at all.


i luv ur work m8. Ceep @ it!!!


It'll be awesome when you find the time to make more episodes... I really enjoyed your style. I only noticed one glitch and it's toward the start after Spike is caught by Mudley... The cocaine on the table to the right disappears, reappears, lines go missing... All in the span of a second. Besides that, it looked great. Keep it up!

great potential

You got good drawing skills, and you fbf animation i smooth.
The problem is that the affect cocaine is having on the policemans partner, is really not how cocaine works. You don't change personality or start drewling. Cocaine makes you fresh and sober, though it tends to make you a little more aggressive.