Reviews for "Manhattan Project"

hmmmm not bad could be better needs some upgrads

i liked the game but it hink its needs some upgrades in the weponary system but thats just me

great game

the graphics are funny. the joke is funny. the game is funny and fun. keep up the amazing work. and play this game!!!

a cool game

you can always count on bombs and airplanes to make a fun game. thouhg I don't like the Hiroshima joke.

Awful programming, but decent game

First off, when the people running by sponge the shots and make it impossible to protect my plane, it just gets boring. But when they sponge all my shots and still don't even take actual damage, that's just bad programming to say the least.
The multiplier is full of crap because at some points, I can shoot a bullet at one building and make it explode, causing a huge chain reaction unlinked to my bomb. I mean, those are nice, getting all that money in so short of time. But then the next round, I cannot make it past a x1 bonus.
It's just ridiculous.
The game has a nice premise though, so I am looking forward to any updates...

Good, but laggy.

i dont know if everyone shares my problem, but when you use the laser the mouse freezes and turns very annoying. After this the game is awesome.