Reviews for "Manhattan Project"

I have no idea how I beat this before, this game is ridiculously hard. I'm not sure I understand how you can destroy everything and get a x2 multiplier or a x1 multiplier - seems like you're supposed to cause a big ruckus all at once but then keep minor explosions going on afterward? Weird mechanic.

The game is pretty and the sound is well-done but it lags pretty badly as the game progresses, making me think you might be keeping data allocated for things that have spawned.

FrozenFire responds:

Yeah this game was poorly optimize sry

Really great game! I wish there was a mode after you unlock the atomic bomb so you could just keep playing, obviously not with the atomic bomb, but maybe the one before that without restarting. Great job!

Needs reset button for the 20 day achievement instead of refreshing the page and waiting through ads.

Good game, but
1) "Use cars to increase damage" ...hard to do when they not only move, but move faster than the plane
2) I bought the atomic bomb... but I never get to use it
3) Shooting a car doesn't always destroy it.. apparently there is a "sweet spot"
4) bombing spot MUST be chosen before anything else
5) No real info given on what the upgraded gun or bomb does

LOL on day 2 i got 777$ :DDDDD 10/10 CANT STOP PLAYING!!!!