Reviews for "Manhattan Project"


the whole time i was playing i was relying on the turret. and whenever the game lags so bad when you click to fire with everything thats going on in the game....and the line of fire thing needs to be fixed to...you have to directly click on the thing you want to kill in order for it to hit it. and the cross-hair and game lags so much thats nearly impossible...

good game

did it in 18 days but dollars are of no use to me

Starting over?

A reset button would be a godsend in this game.

FrozenFire responds:

there is a reset button "F5"

it was alright

the game itself was awsome but there was not enughf days maby if you put atlest 50 days it would have been better

its alright but....

my biggest problem is the lag, because I can't even move the gun around very much, making it hard to shoot the things I want to.... and also when I start the level the bomb atomaticly lands at the begining making it immposible to choose where it will explode.