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Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

Ah ha-har!

If modern Sci-fi sucks; WRITE YOUR OWN!

A few things bogged down my understanding of the story here and there, but you've created such a rich world that I happily stuck it out.

Will the Empire discover conspiracy on Ihrziel?
Will the hot spy manage to keep from braining her partner?
Will anyone else ever find a use for Symbol font?

...Not sure I can wait two years to find out!

RPGsrok responds:

If you pay attention, (or rather if I had gotten better recordings or put subs so you could have understood what was happening >_<, sorry again) you'd notice that both of the imperial faction members are very suspicious of the Ihrziel Consulate - they pretty much know. It's distracting them from their real problem of what the Union agents are planning.


I dunno - I used atene ^^

The script for part II calls for harder animation than part I, but the actual length is shorter so hopefully between that and my improved directorial skills, I'll be able to get part II to you guys in less than two years. Please look forward to it. Thanks for reviewing!

Nearly Professional Quality

Quite an interesting and quick-paced story, the only reason I didn't give this a 10/10 was because there's definitely a lot of room for improvement in the animation. Almost everything (characters, background etc.) in each scene has a relatively high level of detail and quality to it, however when it comes to the actual animation of these high-detailed pictures it seems bulky and out of place. I'm sure your animation will improve sheerly with practice, overall this was an absolutely great job, give me more!!!

RPGsrok responds:

Quite a reasonable justification for your score - my character animation definitely could use some practice and as a matter of fact, I'm planning for my next project (sadly not part II, though I swear to you it WILL be made!) to allow me a lot of practice on frame by frame character movement. In some places the detail is practically just to distract you from the lackluster animation >_> but I also take pride in my detailed backgrounds and world, so I hope they still entertained you.

Thanks for having faith in my improvement - I will be starting part II soon and hopefully it won't take another two years to complete. Thanks for reviewing!

Very Well Done!!

It's nice to see a flash with a story, plot, etc. It was a moving piece. The music fit well with the movie. I'm not going to pretend like I am a hardcore animation judge or anything like that, but the only thing I noticed was likesometimes when they walk, they look like they're gliding, and the mouth movements don't really look very natural, they look good, but maybe too choppy (maybe not though) Some of the voices didn't quite fit some characters. Other than that, it was really awesome. I can't wait to see more from you =)

RPGsrok responds:

The script was definitely way old and could use revision, but I'm proud of the world I created and the story that unfolded within it. More proud still that it's interested you guys. ^^

My actual animation skill needs a lot of work - I've never had any formal training - and of course lack of smoothness is partially a result of me having been basically a one-man-team, and being very limited in what I could do within a reasonable time (Even when the reasonable time was 2 years >_<). Some voices were a touch off, but at the same time I think some were also quite good.

Glad you liked the film! Thanks for reviewing!

Great writing! Good animation, okay sound.

Overall, I enjoyed this. Your writing (the story background and script) is very good. The animation/art is also quite good for online Flash animations, but not so much on an absolute standard - your movement tends to feel rather stiff. For example, your walking animations are often very unnatural - the upper body doesn't remain so stationary. There were also a few figures that were drawn awkwardly e.g. due to perspective - notably in the elevator, with the camera above the character at an angle. On the other hand, I noticed some of the facial expressions were quite effective.

As for the sound, your voice clips were very low-quality - probably due to the microphones and audio interface (sound card) used by your voice-actors, and maybe your Flash compression settings, depending. They were also very inconsistent in their quality - e.g. the two officials were very distorted and "distant" compared to the girl. It was a bit jarring to hear that, and it was a bit difficult to understand some characters.

As for the story, I'm not sure if it's your exposition or just that I wasn't paying enough attention (or read the intro text carefully enough), but I had trouble keeping track of the characters and their allegiances.

Overall, though, I hope you keep working on these kinds of projects. As a writer and storyteller, you're quite good; as an animator, I think you have a lot of potential, and regardless, this movie was very enjoyable to watch even if it's not Ghibli-quality animation =P

RPGsrok responds:

Thanks for the long review - always appreciated.

I'm glad you liked the story - though the script is rather old and awkward in my opinion, I put a lot of work into the world, and I'm glad it shows. I am very aware of my lack of actual animation skills, though if I may humbly say so, the problem is two-fold. I am just one person and especially in terms of smoothness, the amount of work i can do in a reasonable timeframe is limited. And yes, I just need work on my animation in general.

Yes, sound-wise, there were several different mics used, and surely many conversions and crap - in short my sound design needs work. I apologize for the difficult-to-hear dialogue and if it's any consolation, I'm trying to piece together a subtitled version to make it a touch more tolerable.

Again alliance-wise the problem is two-fold, three-fold even. Its a dumb script, that doesn't really let you guys hear the character names enough. The voice quality is a touch lacking. And part of this is INTENTIONAL - that its hard to figure out what side everyone's on ^^. Hope it didn't frustrate you too much.

Glad you liked the film. Thanks for reviewing! Hope to hear from you in the future.

Well Done

Its obvious you put alot of effort into, and a flash that actually has a story, I'm impressed!!! Of course there's improvement to be made, but I look forward to part II ;)

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it. There is indeed improvement to be made, but its good to know that it's come through for some of you guys. You may rest assured that Part II is coming... eventually!! I will see this thing through to the end.

Thanks for reviewing!