Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"


This was great, I had to watch in low quality because of my shitty computer, but the artwork was still really good and I like how you have created a whole universe to do this one series. I think you could do so much with it, like side-stories and even games. This really deserves it's frontpage status.

RPGsrok responds:

Sorry for the graphics intensiveness, but I hope the detail was worthwhile. For the moment I'm just trying to get straight episodes out (quite an ordeal in itself), though if I could code, it would be interesting to make a game ^^. It's you guys who make being on the frontpage worthwhile - thanks for the support!

i enjoyed it

it was captivating to a certain extent however to due the long periods of dialouge and rich story developement being a huge lack in action i didnt watch all the way through however if part 2 does have more ation i will definatley be tuning in. great concept, visuals wern't amazing, and sound wasn't either however with practise im sure youd be an amazing artist. lookin forward to part 2.

RPGsrok responds:

Well thanks for being charitable with your score despite not watching all the way through. Part 2 would definitely have a lot more action, so I hope that when it comes out, you'll finish this part and watch 2 till the end. Thanks for reviewing!

dam this is good man

it was long and great felt like a tv show and like a movie at the same time for some resion it was good man i can't wait for part 2 man and its kinda confusing to i love it man keep the good work up man

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked the cinematic feel to it. Thanks for reviewing!


Just like the trailer I was impressed and maybe more. There were a couple of scenes where some shading was missing so they pretty much look like flat peices of cardboard but this can be easily overlooked. Like everyone else said, nice story. Im looking forward to the 2nd part.

Thanks for sending that pm, I think I would missed it if you hadn't.

You could always add more people to the project to speed it up :)

RPGsrok responds:

I'm glad the movie lived up to your expectations. I definitely let my visuals slip a couple times but I'm proud of the overall result.

Thanks for writing the review of the trailer what reminded me to send the pm. xD

There's been at least one generous offer to help me out so far, and I may indeed actively seek out some animators in the future to finish these things faster and make em generally better, but no promises just yet.

Thanks yet again for reviewing! Hope to hear from you in the future.


nicee story...btw there's a band named Verbanum :p

RPGsrok responds:

O_O u learn somethin new every day... xD