Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"


How do you fit that much AWSOMENESS INTO A FLASH!!!???!!!???!!! No im not kidding. :\

RPGsrok responds:

You spend more than half of your years in high school perfecting it. No I'm not kidding. =)

Thanks for reviewing!

Excellent work.

Being an animator of my own drama series, i can definitely appreciate the work that you put into this piece. Good luck on part 2, I'm looking forward to it.

RPGsrok responds:

You gotta do this sorta thing to really grasp what's involved. XD Good luck with your own efforts! And thanks for reviewing!


Persona 3 music... nice choice, it fits well^^

RPGsrok responds:

Ironically anyone who knows the game gets a little distracted there simply from recognizing it ^^ But thats a price I'm willing to pay. Persona 3 FTW! xD

Thanks for reviewing.

kudos for the effort

i can clearly see that alot of effort was put into this, but as i see it most of it was a half assed attempt at making a mediocre anime something.
i stopped watching it halfway through, i really liked the superb backgrounds
i can tell that just by looking at them you put more effort into them than the characters themselfes or the dialougue etc...
but seriously most of the characters look really ugly you should study how to draw anime or something similair, at the first scene where the girl types stuff on the keys the wrists, arms and fingers are supposed to move, all i saw was floating hands and key sounds.
the shading was really poor, it looked like it was just a spot on their skin when theyre moving as if the light is coming from the camera which is folowing them.
the voices were half assed i could barely tell what the characters are saying even if i turn up the volume.
overall nice attempt but you are trying to do something too big too fast and too soon.
please accept this constructive criticizm.

RPGsrok responds:

I respectfully reply that although I don't claim my work to be perfect, far from it in fact, several people appear not to share your opinions on how the characters turned out. Nevertheless, I take all criticism into account. Thank you for remaining civilized in your review.

So far so good...

Loaded relatively quickly and was a good way for pass 14 minutes. XD. The voice-over work could have a better quality and the graphics were choppy, but I'm writing that off as the aesthetics of the whole thing.

It's good to see Newgrounds isn't about random acts of violence and mature jokes all the time. I'll be looking forward to Part 2.

RPGsrok responds:

My sound design could certainly use refinement, and as an individual, I could only smooth everything out to a certain extent while still finishing the animation overall in a reasonable timeframe. I wouldn't say its an aesthetic taste, just some of my limits as, essentially, a bad producer XD.

I hope to show anyone I can that animation everywhere doesn't have to be about childish fancies or random violence and jokes. Verbatim has no illusions of being a comedy, and what violence you'll see in it has meaning. I hope you'll still be around when the second part hits!

Thanks for reviewing!