Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

quite the epic

I dont really want to say what's been said, but the negatives are as people have mentioned. It looks just a little choppy.

However, I think all the the other elements you have pulled together here make up for that.

I can see this as the intro to a very good and deeply involved RPG like mass effect.

all that is left to say is Bravo!

your hard work shows.

RPGsrok responds:

Courteous of you to leave it at "a little" choppy, though I'm glad the other elements came through for you.

Obviously you're thinking in the far, hypothetical future, but honestly, and especially on NG, I've started to picture a hypothetical Dual Arms game as a 2D fighter, maybe with RPG exploration elements, maybe not.

When I first started thinking about Dual Arms years and years and years ago, I thought it could structured game wise as a Sonic game, moving fast in a 3D environment. Then I watched the Sonic series go to shit, an now I don't think gameplay like that is such a good idea. I think Dual Arms might fare well as a simple to learn, ideally hard to master 2D fighter where you choose different characters and fought it out through all the different environments.

Sorry, I like to rant on such things. It's good to know I didn't waste those years. Thanks for reviewing!

An interesting tale you have woven good sir

Well, well, well... where to begin?

Let's get the worst out of the way. The art and animation. It needs work. This is to be expected from a young artist like yourself, so I trust that in time you'll be making great looking animations, but as of right now, animating and drawing people seems to be your greatest weakness. The backgrounds, tech and general feel for the world they were in was great though.

Voice acting could use some improvement, but I'd understand that you're utilizing what you have to the best of your abilities. In the mean time, I know you asked for help on this in your comments, subtitles would be great to have and prevent me from feeling that I missed something important that was said or misinterpreted it.

The universe, or "omniverse" that you have created is top-notch. Unique, intriguing, beautiful, complex, believable, alien, and yet familiar. Avatar's got nothing on this. Not only are the well thought out omniverse and beautiful world's amazing, but the factions, and people in them have been equally well done. The political tensions remind me greatly of Cold War spy games, and proxy wars, as well as Ancient Roman politics. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into the creation of your "omniverse" and it most certainly deserves more than just two flash movies.

That was just the world your story is set in, and it gets me stoked and wanting to explore it. The story itself is not as strong as the world it takes place in, however, we only have half of it so far, and it IS a good story. The writing is good, but not great yet. The potential is there, I can feel it. And I mean serious potential. I really want you to do your damnedest to bring your writing to the next level, because with your ability to create such amazing worlds you have the potential to make amazing epics to rival even the greats.

Cinematography was excellent! It's effect was weakened by the quality of the animation, but you can't get much better in this regard.

Music, was good, uhm... what else? Just DAMN man... Have fun with this you know? I really want you to go somewhere with this. Write a book, graphic novel, something. You CAN make money off of this, and with 100% honesty I hope you get a movie deal or tv series for this eventually. I would love to see it.

Great potential my friend. I can tell you're going to grow into an amazing story teller.

RPGsrok responds:

Thanks first of all for the detailed review, always appreciated.

All you people are getting me a touch curious of how much I can improve my animation skills were I finally to find a class to take xD Until then, as you've noted, I have the dual (pun not intended) problem of being a one-person staff who can't take too much time smoothing things out, and just lacking animation skill, especially in people, as you mentioned. I only hope your faith in my skill's improvement is well founded - there seems to be a good chance it is ^^. I think my strength in backgrounds comes from my painting work through the years, and the tech and feel I attribute, humbly, to my own imagination - I'm glad you liked them.

Acting wise, I think you understand well that I did what I could. A subtitled version is now up! Please give it a look and pm me to say if it helped at all...

It really warms the heart to know the thought I put into the world interests you people. In theory, there could be several episodes, and I had also thought that it could make a simple fighting game XD but that's a long ways off, should it ever come to pass.

The most disappointing thing to me is that, just as I later became dissatisfied with this story but found everything recorded, I would've liked to changed the story in part 2. But things are recorded, and all I can really do is what I did here - flesh out the world, do my best on the animation and cinematography, and get it out for you guys to enjoy.

So long as you guys keep giving such positive feedback, how could I not have fun here? xD My main focus with this is to keep making these episodes and maybe sucker someone into helping me code a game. I'd never intended Dual Arms in particular to be a written venture (though believe me, if you wanna see my writing, I DO WRITE).

The bad thing about being so young is that I lack the experience and resources to truly realize this vision of mine. The good thing about youth is its possibilities. If I should find some fortune to be had in the field of animation, I'll do all in my power to make Dual Arms into a full blown tv series, and should I ever find myself so lucky, I'll make DAMN sure to tell you guys about it.

Thank you, sir, for a most helpful and encouraging review. I hope to hear from you in the future.


I like the storyline but the animation was mediocre. The characters seem flat, the mouths seem robotic, and the legs look like michael jacksons moonwalk but going forward because they slide like there's no knees.

RPGsrok responds:

Yeah, as I've said, I've actually had no formal training in "animation" and it shows. I'll do my best to improve in the future. Thanks for reviewing!

Really good work!

The only thing I did not like about this would be the voice acting. The two guys at the start of the second scene were very diffiuclt to understand at times, and sometimes the words sound like they were cut off to early. Other then that this was very well done. I can not wait for part 2 to come out!!

RPGsrok responds:

Yeah, there were some problems with them. The subtitled version of the movie is almost done, and hopefully it will fix those problems. You may also be pleased to note that they have no lines in part 2, so one problem solved, I guess.

Thanks for reviewing!

very good

this is a very good pot. i think that if you do continue the series, make the animation better. aside from that its a pretty bad ass flash

RPGsrok responds:

I will do my best to improve. Thx for reviewing.