Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

One of the best flashes ever

the only problem was I had a little trouble following the story but the world option cleared that up

RPGsrok responds:

Glad the 'world' helped you out. thx for reviewing!

great beginning

from all the work that you clearly put into it AND the final product, i can tell this is the beginning of something big

when i started watching it felt like something i wanted to do long time ago but once i realized how hard animating can be and the absence of flash i kinda gave up on it

enough about that, just really great animation, loved the characters and the very detailed plot that seems to be going on, read through the world section as well, creating an entire universe or rather omniverse and history for the world, great job on that

RPGsrok responds:

It's definitely a small part of a great idea, though as you noted, great ideas require great amounts of time to realize >_< Glad the characters and plot worked out for you - personally it seems like I can still do some work, but it's good to know even this has done good for some. Thanks for reading on the world - it's practically a hobby of mine to flesh out details like that, and I cant say how good it is to know that you guys like reading through it.

Thanks for reviewing!

Definitely a winner.

Very well done on all fronts, from what I could see. Thanks, and keep 'em coming! :-)

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it! I'll do what I can. Thanks for reviewing!


unless my ears deceive me the title music is from final fantasy 12

RPGsrok responds:

ur ears do not deceive. as said in teh credits, that's Seeking Power from FFXII (played in the snow area - a good fit in my opinion)

Game music is somewhat underrated and I like a lot of the songs I ended up using here, but I think I will be attempting to use original music in the future, if I can get some good music. ^^

thx for reviewing!


I know it took you quite some time to pull everything together and finally see Verbatim through to fruition but it was definitely worth the wait! Im no good with flash animation so I can't really give to much advice but like a majority of the other reviews I can only point out that the animation was a little choppy at times and that some of the voice acting could be better. However you've spent a great deal of time and hard work, and I can honestly say thats its noticeable. Im definitely looking forward to the conclusion of Verbatim in part 2!

RPGsrok responds:

You know better than most of these people how long this thing's been going >_>. And that's with the choppy animation and voices I still couldn't really fix. (though, did you have the good fortune to see the subbed version? Did that make the voices easier to understand?) And it's great to know that the effort I put in shows.

Always good to hear from ya, man. I'll try to keep you in the loop for Part 2 - it's coming! Thanks for reviewing!