Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

Epic, greatly done

I don't find many flashes that i find worth commenting on.. there's alot of 10's out there but i beleive you went the extra mile. This flash was well constructed and very entertaining. I'm sure Part 2 will be just as excellent

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!


Animation was good, love the over all feel of the story it will prolly be a great series if you keep up the good work

RPGsrok responds:

I'll do what I can. If you wanna get an idea of how I'm likely to improve, watch Dual Arms Precipice, then watch this - hopefully, I can continue on that level of growth and make part 2 that much better. Thx for reviewing!

Very nice

I love how you've thought through the foliums and worked on a good backstory. The animation, overall, was easy to follow. The depth of the characters is nice, too. I'm interested to see where you take this. I really like your story. suggestions for improvement are:
Animation quality. This is basically just practice, so i'm confident it will keep improving
Clearer connection between characters. There's a lot about the character work that is hard to follow, though perhaps that is intentional.
Not so much jumping between things in a scene. That makes it pretty hard to see what is going on.

Again, I love this! Looking forward to part II.

RPGsrok responds:

Again, I certainly believe taking animation classes would be a greater help to me, but if nothing else, I can and WILL keep practicing in the hopes that I shall improve.

The hard-to-follow nature of the story is partially the result of a horrid two-year-old script, and it is partially intentional. I had wanted there to be some sense of mystery, or intrigue in the fact that every side was not what it seemed. But the consensus seems to be that the movie overall was far more convoluted than I intended and hopefully the second part will be easier to follow.

Thanks for reviewing!


Looking forward to seeing more!
I have to agree with some points though...
You should improve your drawing.
It must have been lots of effort!

RPGsrok responds:

2 and a half years of effort, yes. I can only keep practicing, but with any luck, I shall improve my drawing skill! Glad you liked it, thx for reviewing!

Learn, and fill your Ambitions

So firstly I must say, your ambition in this project is fantastic, your choosing to create an entire universe from stratch, along with language terms, characters and events is bold (if not alienating the audience at times).
This also brings alot of work and time into the film, time that can be spent on other more important aspects of the project.

I can see that you have potential, from how old you are, the time it took you to release this and the sheer scope of it, but you have presented this as a peice to be taken seriously and with a world that you want to suck people in, but I'm afraid you still have alot to learn about Animation, Film making and Drawing.

The drawing is the most important thing you must improve on, you need to get a good sense of volumes in your characters preportions (so they're not suddenly getting larger, smaller, thinner etc for no reason). Then theres your anatomy, you should look up some tips on the human form, and practice drawing hands, feet, and differently shaped people.
Animation is a bit harder to explain, and I know this is an internet flash cartoon so I'll just leave it at, you need to learn more on the basic principals of movement, timing, lip syncing, anticipation etc.
Film making though was your strongest, you used alot of classic transitions, not all of them smooth, but interesting none the less.

Besides all that, for your age, this is an ambitious and impressive start, I look forward to seeing how you progress,
just always strive to become better.

and remeber,
keep drawing

RPGsrok responds:

Well firstly, even though its a lackluster score, thanks for the long review - always appreciated.

I must also thank you for the compliment on the scope of the project as opposed to those earlier content to tell me to tone done said scope. I've reflected often on the shear stupidity of starting such a thing, devoting so much time to it - but I said I'd finish what I started and I'm proud to have come through.

I understand absolutely - when your focus is drama, there's no room for error like in comedy. As you've probably guessed, my art studies have not gone into much detail on humans, and even the crud in this movie was a learning experience for me in terms of experimenting with poses (not a completely successful experiment in that aspect, but I like to think I learned from it) I am continually coming to understand the nature of animation as an art form, and how little of it I understand. Even over the course of this video, my knowledge of lip sync, for example, if not improved, changed, and I'd anticipate such changes to come.

Sadly cinematography, which I've studied no more than animation, is probably what you can explain best to me, so if you happen to have the time (and motivation) please feel free to pm me in detail on your thoughts on the cuts etc, and how I could improve.

The thing about having no experience and having taken no classes is that you can have faith in your potential to learn. I hope to be able to take classes in these areas in which my self-teaching has reached its limits and improve accordingly.

Thank you for providing a most civilized and constructive review. I hope to hear from you in the future.