Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"


Really liked it, but sometimes it was kinda hard to follow the plot, with the names and all ;)
That must have been a LOT of work, but it payed off :D
Curious about part 2

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it, hope ull stick with me for part 2!

Best yet XD

very good
The story line is very well done and i can see u put alot of time and effort into it and thats what i like in any movie, game, or story. The animation is also well done. The voices do need some work but im shur u will overcome that eventually. But the one thing that got me was that over all my time viewing flash animations on Newgrounds this is the first one that actually involves politics.

I look forward to seeing the next one hopefully on the front page.

RPGsrok responds:

I'm certainly glad the story seems to have been so well received. The samples for the next part were recorded already and thus bear some of the same problems, but some of the actors from the first part dont have lines in the second, so I hope that may improve your opinions of the acting. I'm sure it depends on your definition of politics, but it is a touch of a rare subject. It's good to know it didn't bore you all too much! We'll hafta see if part 2 makes the front page, but I will see it through to the end! Thanks for reviewing!


simply beautiful.

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it.

nicely done

it was good, I mean you dont see any anime on newgrounds often, But some of the voice acting is kinda well, bad, not the actor his headset or what ever he uses to recourd. Also, alo of this was very detailed, but I would say it needs a bit more touching up well thats my review.

RPGsrok responds:

I am of the opinion that not all the voice acting was bad, but there's been a good deal of disagreement there, so there you go. I did put a lot of effort into the details. 'Touching up' is a bit vague, but I am aware that there were many parts which could've been smoothed out. Thanks for reviewing!


not bad, very interesting story and it is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.


only one observation, I got the feeling the voice acting could be better for some characters.

RPGsrok responds:

Absolutely its just the tip of the iceberg - in a nutshell, part two is watching the iceberg fly out of the sea into the sky and EXPLODE. Or something like that ^^.

There were definitely a few characters whose acting I was unsatisfied with, but if they're the same ones I'm guessing you found awkward, you'll be glad to know they have no lines in part 2.

Thanks for reviewing!