Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

Quite the grand scale

I would love to see this project attacked by a team of people, to really pull off the scope of this thing in your head. Don't get me wrong...it's pretty amazing, regardless. Yeah, the characters and animation could be a bit tighter, but still, for one person, it's pretty creative.

I would cheerfully watch another installment. :)

RPGsrok responds:

Oh, would I love to have a team of people attack this vision of mine... I certainly haven't had the opportunity to really direct as a director should, but even with this vid I've gotten an offer or two from generous people who've wanted to help out, so having a team behind my next animation is not at all farfetched.

Thanks for reviewing!

Something you won't want to hear

Your going to get a number of reviews from a lot of people that this is complete crap because the animation isn't smooth and for a first episode, pretty much everything made no sense.

I would recommend you ease a little bit into the story and environment in the first couple episodes. Get some nice and easy character development and introduce some general things to the audience that they can connect with. Not some random chick whose running some high-tech experiment and getting annoyed that a shield number isn't what its supposed to be while some other random dude is beating up someone she secretly cares about.

I understand the "anime" style that emphasizes more on well drawn characters then simpler more fluid characters but imo that type of animation should only be left for professional studios. Anyone on newgrounds trying to attempt that style can easily make themselves spend a very long time on an animation that really isn't that visually appealing.

I give you an 8/10 because like zbox101 said below, this is obviously a lot better then the average on newgrounds. My recommendation would be to find an easier more fluid style to animate these characters so you get your money's worth in terms of rating for the time you put these episodes. A 3.9 for a 2 1/2 year project may make you pleased or upset depending on what you were expecting but I know if I spend any more then 3-4 months on an animation I expect nothing less then a 4.0.

RPGsrok responds:

Yeah I'm kinda hitting myself over this. The problem is that in the grand scheme of the Dual Arms "Series" this is by no means the first episode. Hell it's somewhere in the middle, and I've spent at least one of these two years thinking to myself about how stupid a decision that was >_< I've kinda tried to make up for it, as you saw, by putting in an extensive "World" section, but you are absolutely justified in saying that I really have been stupid to do this particular 'episode'.

The smooth animation versus image-based is in my opinion more a matter of preference than audience, though upon reflection I think you're right in that the NG audience is a touch preferential to the smooth animation I certainly need work on. I think I will be doing a lot of work refining my animation skills in the future, towards a smoother, less rigid result.

I thank you very much for being merciful score-wise while still giving me this abundance of useful critique. I certainly would like it if I got scores over 4 whenever I put a good long time into my work XD, though I think the audience for this particular genre is a touch limited. Perhaps that's just my pathetic rationalization though, and I could certainly do more to improve.

Thank you once again for reviewing; I hope you'll be courteous enough to give me more feedback in the future.

definately interesting

from what i have seen so far, it is definitely gonna be something worthy of an award, if it continues on the track it is right now... at half-way it got a little confusing, but i managed too make sense of it after straining my ears (then again it makes sense why she hugged... voroan? in the beginning) and the use those ice sculptures... not really subtle, but it displays alot of what i think what the game she is playing really is, and with all this counter spy business, it's really easy too lose track who is good and who is evil

all in all, very good, ill be keeping up with your work

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you think well of it. As I've mentioned my sound design work truly is lacking and so I apologize for making you strain your ears, though I'm glad you got some of it in the end. You're right! It was Voroan in the beginning. If nothing else, I think I have really been able to play with the notions of good and evil in this video, and I hope that wasn't too frustrating for you.

Thanks for reviewing!

Very nice!

The story is good, but it was sometimes hard to understand what the characters were saying, it would be much better if we could have subtitles. And why was the guy at the start of the movie killed?.. The animation is also great, except for the snow, whicht was going up. I dont know howmany parts you are going to make but I am going to follow this animation!

RPGsrok responds:

Yeah, my sound design needs serious work >_< I would love to have subs, but I don't possess the coding skills to do anything more than having things pop up if you hover ur cursor there. IF ANYONE CAN CODE IN SUBTITLES THAT CAN BE SIMPLY TURNED ON OR OFF - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Voroan, the person at the start was a spy for the New Age Union. Araine, with the red hair, caught him trying to copy classified information (you can see a little green orb in one shot - that's a storage device of sorts - the reader for the orb was what Araine beat Voroan with).

The snow flowing up was of course, very intentional - a part of that world. The explanation is vaguely given in the Folium - Ihrziel section of the World part of the menu.

Dual Arms Verbatim could be told completely in 2 parts. The Dual Arms series could be extended much longer.

Thanks for reviewing!


I know- if you wanna build a story it takes time, and the longer your animation gets, the less fluid and detailed it gets...
But this is just kinda painful to watch.
Do something shorter, make your point.

RPGsrok responds:

Noted. Thanks for remaining civilized in your review.