Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

That was perfect!

I could tell how hard you worked on this one and guess what; it was worth it!
I rarely review, but i though i'd write some minor detail that you could fix on your future flashes.

-When there is a close up on someone's face you should add more detail both on the lip-sync and on the drawings. I know from personal experience that the pencil tool is not for this kind of work. I'd recommend you tried the brush, since i believe you use a drawing tablet. Just practice with it and you'll see how much better it is. But if you already did and preferred the line, then you could add details with the brush tool.

-Hurray for the Greek letters!! I'm from Greece and it was really unexpected to see greek letters all over the place and i was really happy about it for some reason. I didn't care if they weren't correct, but if you need any help with translation or anything in the future i'd be more than happy to help you :D

-I also read about the subtitles that you want to add. Now, i don't know how to code the subs inside the flash, but here is my idea; add two layers in your flash,
take them to the top. The one on the top will have the subtitles (which you have to write), while the one underneath it will be a rectangle with a transparent color (scale the Aplha at 50% or something) that makes the subs more visible.

That's it about my review, i hope i helped even a little. 5/5 10/10
Please excuse mistakes in grammar, if I made any :)

RPGsrok responds:

Now personally, I don't like the brush. You're right, I do use a tablet, but somehow, ever since I needed to get a new pen, the pressure sensitivity doesnt work, and even when it did, it both jacked up the file size and didn't always look that good. Sure, I could be using it 'wrong' but frankly, I don't think it's worthwhile to use the brush at this time.

I am amazed at all the people on this site who can read Greek. As I've mentioned before though, I wasn't terribly concerned with getting it right; It was half just for atmosphere. Glad you liked it though!

My problem with subs is that I want them to be able to be deactivated. I think having subs automatic is kinda annoying if you didn't want to see them, and I know subtitles which can be turned on or off can be done. I do have someone who was looking for code though, so hopefully he'll come through and I'll get a subbed version up soon.

Your grammar was fine. Every little bit helps! Thanks for reviewing; hope to hear from you in the future!

What did I just watch.

I don't know. But, have a 5 and a 10. My brain exploded.

RPGsrok responds:

I hope that's a good thing. Thanks for reviewing.


you could have gave the women bigger tits

One of the best flashes on NG!

Wow! This flash is amazing in quality and it is obvious that you have spent a great deal of time on it. From the very beginning I could tell that it was going to be a fantastic flash. The use of the dynamic camera angles, the continuity editing between certain scenes and the shear complexity of it gives it the edge over most other flashes on the site. One of my favourite things about the flash was that the different scenes reminded me of so many other things. The scene where the train enters the snowy world reminded me of the Xombie series for it's atmospheric values and the interior scenes in the snow area reminded me of certain levels from Halo 3.

The complexity of the characters, plot and settings you created reminded me of Mass Effect and this has to be the main thing I would draw comparison to. I thought that the use of 3D was a great choice and fit in well with most of the scenes (Swift 3D I'm assuming). I don't usually watch long flashes on NG as very few can hold up over it's length of time, but this one is definitely an exception. It is a shame that the score of this submission isn't higher, the sad thing is that a lot of people won't watch the whole flash and will therefore rate it without experiencing the full quality of it.

I have little criticism to express about this flash but I do have a couple of things to point out. I think that in some parts the voice acting is a little off and is a little hard to understand. That isn't necessarily your fault but maybe subtitles would have been a good idea. One other thing is that although as a whole the artwork was excellent, there would certain parts where the characters looked a little rough but really that wasn't much of an issue.

Anyway, brilliant flash I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and all that's left for me to say is please make part 2!

RPGsrok responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the flash, and thank you for watching it the whole way through. Sadly, interesting though they seem, I haven't seen Zombie, and haven't played Halo or Mass Effect, though Mass Effect in particular certainly looked interesting to me.

I was indeed using swift 3D and I continue to be impressed by how little you guys mind my lack of 3D skill. I certainly hope to improve, should I ever be so fortunate as to find some classes to take, but I'm glad you thought well of them.

Indeed I would LOVE to have some subs and so as I've mentioned before IF ANYONE CAN CODE ACTIVATABLE SUBTITLES PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I don't have that sort of coding skill and I find the sort where you just hover your cursor over the bottom of the screen to be very amateur. If I have the good fortune to find out how to do decent subs, I will upload a new version of the video and if you want, I can let you know. I thought there were some good performances on the part of my actors and a few lacking, in acting and quality; overall I still think they did a good job. Character roughness was definately something I needed work on.

Thank you for reviewing, and please have patience; part 2 will be made eventually and I can only hope it will rise to your expectations.

Almost Perfect.

Nicholas, I think that you have something that would give Fallen Angel a worthy competitor and would put the likes of Minushi, Xombie, and whatnot to shame. However, I have to agree with een777 on the story though, it would have been better if you created a proper pilot episode. With that out of the way, on with the review...

In terms of art and animation, you have some good frame by frame with actual shading, nice use of swift 3D/Milkshape 3D, clever use of gradients, and nice painted backgrounds. As for the frame-by-frame stuff, I will agree that it could have used a few more frames in certain places, but at least you didn't cop out like Arrogancy, Chester Kwan, and those motion comic flashes (I hate those things). As for the characters, Unlike Rhete you and your friends did a good job drawing them. On the other hand, anime-style art is overused and you might piss off anime haters such as Oney, Hans Van Harken, Doug Sauncy (the Keegan's Truck guy), and TFX to name a few. Then there's the sound, which is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, you have a nice music selection such as the Fire Field theme from F-Zero GX (Show No Pain), Hitoshi Sakimoto, and other games. On the other hand, the voice acting is pretty bad. Not just in the recording quality, but the actual acting is reminiscent of English dubbed Voltes 5 and Mazinger. I think you need to get Sam Haft, Malamite Ltd., Druox the Shredder, Sapphire, G-Force, and a few others for this project. As for the content, you did a great job on the direction, the story, the setting, and the originality. However, as I, along with een, have said before: starting in the middle was a bad decision and I would like for you to come up with a proper pilot episode for this. The only other flaw that I could notice is how some of the Greek letters were used. When using Greek letters: Psi=ps, H is used as vowel, and X=H.

What I do like:
-Above-average art and animation
-Good story so far
-Nice music and sound effect selection
-Great mechanical design
-Top-notch direction and setting

What I don't like:
-Bad voice acting, a few more takes along with redone recordings would have helped this.
-Animation could have been a bit smoother in parts.
-Improper use of Greek Letters
-Lack of a proper pilot

Overall: In spite of this cartoon's flaws, I still think it was great. Here's a nine out of ten.

RPGsrok responds:

As I've mentioned, I spent at least one of the two years of this thing's producting asking myself why I wanted to do this episode 'next'. If you actually look at my work, this isn't the first Dual Arms I've made (though if you do look at my work, watch Precipice NOT NOCTURNUS - because being my first flash, it was crap), but yeah, I was a bit stupid going through the middle like this. I never thought of it as a pilot, and if I were to produce a completely different Dual Arms episode (after hypothetically finishing the second part of Verbatim) I would definitely go straight to the chronological beginning and do a proper 'pilot'.

I was using swift 3D, and honestly I think I suck. I've never had formal lessons in any animation per se, but especially need a lotta work in my 3D, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I also think ther's really no point to so-called "motion-comics" and I'm glad you see the thought behind my decisions. And as you said, the animation could be smoothed, but you can only do so much by yourself if you hope to finish something like this. I hope you can understand that, though it's certainly no justification for low quality.

Honestly, I dunno Rhete, but as for any critique on the 'anime-style', please understand that I have no intention of drastically changing my style to the western; I rather like anime myself. Again, I don't know all the users you're citing but I can say for my part that I hold a bit of DISDAIN for Oney and Hans, and so if they didn't like my work, I'd have no problem with that.

Another person had also complained about the voices, and I respectfully reply that there were some good performances in there. I acknowledge though that some actors could've done better both in terms of quality and acting. Again, I don't know the actors you're listing, and I also think it'd be presumptuous of me to just contact them and say "You, actor! Work for me! Thanks!" Nonetheless, I will do what I can to get good actors in the future.

You are the first person to reference the greek. I certainly used it liberally, and i was getting the letters from the atene font, which may not map perfectly. Not speaking Greek myself, (and c'mon, I'm using it to spell out ENGLISH), I'm perfectly fine with there being some errors in it, though I'm sorry it annoyed you.

Thank you for your faith in my work, and for being so kind as to review. I hope to hear from you in the future.