Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

im super impressed

this is top quality the loading time a bit long but well worth it the animation is superb and story is quite caching all can say is well done man

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it, thx for reviewing

Onestly... I had not anderstood the whole concept.

I know that is my fault but I had not learned english so good to keep the very sense of this movie, I would be grateful if someone could write an italian translation as subtitles or even an english subtitles will be a rather help to those ones like me.
Anyway I give a 9 to this flash anime because I found interesting and stiking somethings that I kept.
Very nice soundtrack...
...if someone really interest the comunication power range of this series please try to place some written sublines (even in english).

RPGsrok responds:

Believe me - people who speak english are getting confused by this movie >_> Italian I do not know, but I am working on a version with english subtitles. If you'd like to be told when it is finished, please send me a PM (private message) and I'll be sure to tell you when I upload it.

Incidentally, you appear to have given this flash an 8, not a 9. Just so you know. I take no credit for the soundtrack, but I agree - its got some good tracks.

Thank you for reviewing!


MEN...THIS MAY BE ONE OF THE GREATEST FLASHES I'VE EVER SEEN!!! but there is only a "fail" in it...after the entry and "DUAL ARMS",it appears like ,somewhere,and its snowing...the snow is gong up XD....other then that,this flash is awesome!!! this is why im giving you a 10/10

RPGsrok responds:

The snow is SUPPOSED to be going up. Read the Folium-Ihrziel section of the World part of the menu. Thank you! ^^

Well done

I give this animation a 9 for how damn solid it is. That is, no one part is exceptional, but as a whole it really stands out. As strange as it may sound, a lot of artists modify the script and direction to fit what is easily done. I do it a lot myself when confronted with difficult shots. You don't seem to have held back with this, and I really like that. I'll break this down and be a little bit more specific than I normally am.

The music did its job and didn't stand in the way. Nothing took place that really could have gained much more power from some overused Hans Zimmer music, so no faults there. The sound effects were a little over compressed in some cases, but such is the result of a megabyte budget.

I disagree with many other reviews. I felt the voice acting was reasonable, and above the common standard of newgrounds. Yes there are some AMAZING voice actors and actresses out there, some of which I've been lucky enough to work with, but its just physically impossible for every single animation to have top notch VAs. I thought the acting was just fine. The quality of the samples was lacking, but again, this is out of your hands.

Just so you know, the secret to good VAs is puting your idea out there, asking for auditions, and poking around in places like the Voice Actor Alliance forums.

Movement wise, again, you've done as much, if not a little more, than was necessary to imply movement. All animation is implied movement to some degree, and with a budget of zero dollars, extensive frame by frame sequences are just plane unrealistic expectations. This is obviously a character driven story, so writing and still visuals takes priority.

On that subject, I would recommend, as some others have, that you try using the paintbrush tool instead of vector lines. The brush does a better job interpolating your intended strokes (a godsend if you use a mouse), and overall looks cleaner if used properly. If you really spent a year on this, I'd say its worth your money to invest in a WACOM tablet if you haven't already.

You characters could use a little work. I think you just need to spend a little more time on them, and need carefully drawn character reference sheets. When artists draw real humans, they often use real human references. You should consider picking a studio or artist who draws in your preferred style, and start using their artwork as a reference for your own. And if people dislike your work because it is Anime styled, screw em. There is a reason why Anime is the top grossing style of animation. Its simple enough to be affordable to draw, but stylized in a way that makes its characters enjoyable.

Your 3D animation isn't mind-blowing, but it more than does its job. I really like how it is employed. I never received any 'formal training' in 3D art either, but I'm now able to illustrate complex transforming flying vehicles. Its just a matter of dedication. I can see you are modeling with primitives for the most part. I'd recommend you pick up a copy of Milkshape 3D ($20) or Blender (Free) and learn the art of 'extrusion modeling.' That'll allow you to make more complex shapes, and interesting things. Swift's interface is meant for posing and setting up shots, and its a terrible modeler. You might also be able to use Sketchup, but you'll need PRO to export .3ds.

Your dialog was well written (especially by newgrounds standards) and the story complex and original. I'll admit I was kinda lost, like watching the 5th episode of a 13 episode series, but you've been told that already, so I'll leave it be.
Sub titles would be great. I know in the elevator scene, I was unable to make out what was being said over the SFX in a shot or two. I don't understand what you mean when you say 'program' subtitles. I've subtitled the majority of my work, and I don't know a single line of ActionScript.
Its a simple process of adding a text layer and timing it with your audio. This is even easier if you use the text as a trigger for the vocal files.

RPGsrok responds:

Thanks for the detailed review - always appreciated.

As far as sound, I didn't record anything myself, but I thought they turned out...serviceable. Save perhaps for the awkward static in the train sequence that you perhaps noted (something there was just no way to fix; it didn't sound that way in the source file T_T) I think they fared compression decently.

I'm glad you liked the voices. I am personally quite found of several of the actors I got to work with, though as you mentioned there were several cases where I had some pretty cruddy quality to work with. This was the first time I ever auditioned anyone for anything and I only used one site, so hopefully future works of mine will see larger, better held auditions and better acting. XD

I'm still not entirely sure of what you guys mean by using the brush. Obviously when you wrote this, I had no response below, but without pressure sensitivity, I think it just makes things look like they weren't within lines and ups the filesize. I think I may be missing some detail of what you guys mean by using the brush "right" and if you have the time to elaborate, please pm me. YOU THINK I COULD DO THIS WITHOUT A TABLET?!? XD I do have a tablet, but its getting on in years - I really should get a new one...

I was using mostly primatives at this time, but if I know what you mean by extrusion (drawing a shape that the program gives depth) I did use some of that for the train, and have used it more in my more recent 3D (the 3D work for this was actually finished early in the production cycle). I looked at blender once - couldn't figure it out. Honestly - I'd really rather get some formal 3D training before I invest in a program.

SIR you NAILED it. In my head you see, this IS the 5th episode of a 13 episode series. At least it was. Now its like the 7th episode of a 16 episode series >_<. Point is - as I've said, it was kinda dumb to 'start' there. I add also that I did NOT 'start' with this. If you care to watch a rather BADLY done 8 minutes, check out my older animation - Dual Arms Precipice. It shows its age, though it may very well be less confusing than verbatim (that's saying a lot, i know)

Again, as I said below, if I'm going to do subs, I want them to be activatable. I don't want text just hovering over every screen with no option to turn it off. I mean, if I did that, I'd need to main a plain version of the movie for any time I wanted to export to a non-flash format and besides - I think if you can DO that sort of thing (activated/deactivated subs - and I've seen it done) you should. And I dont' know what you mean by 'trigger'.

Thanks for reviewing man! Hope to hear from you in the future!


this should be two things a movie and a anime show :D

RPGsrok responds:

Don't have a plot for a movie (yet). This IS an anime show xD