Reviews for "Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1"

hehe nice!

i noticed ur garageband computer sounds haha i use em too! haha

well done tho - nice vid!

RPGsrok responds:

Garageband why how did you know?!?! xD Good program for noobz like me, as im sure you're aware.

Thanks for reviewing!

A great start!

I really loved the style of your animation. The story was good and moved along nicely. I can't wait for the next part. The only problem I had was at some points it was a little hard to hear. Maybe you could put subtitles?

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you liked it! I've been even my animation needs work but its good to know you liked the story too.

My sound design definately needs work >_> I'm working on a version with subs - hopefully it'll b up in the next week. We'll see - pm me if you want to know when I finish it.

Thanks for reviewing!


This is great! I'm always interested in deep and interesting plots and I got to say, so far, this is the best plot I've seen in newgrounds! But, um, just a personal opinion: I can't really catch what they say at times; can you put english subtitles? So everyone can understand?

RPGsrok responds:

Glad you like the story. Believe me, its not just you; several people have requested subs and I'm working with someone to get the code to add some. If it all works out, I'll be uploading a new version of the movie next week that includes subs (send me a pm if you'd like to know when its out).

Thanks for reviewing!

I liked but im a little confused

Y did (n sry i really dont remember their names) the red head kill that kid? If i have 2 watch in order 2 find out ill gladly oblige lol but great series starter im already sucked in.

RPGsrok responds:

Voroan, the one killed, was a Union Spy (if you watch, he's mentioned in connection to Northind and by extention, Yurith, the other agents). Araine (the red head) is one of the Imperial Agents, and although the details could certainly not be ascertained just from watching this movie, I hope you could see how conflict would break out.

If you're curious, Voroan was copying classified data Araine was involved with. If you watch carefully, you can see a sort of orb in one of the shots where Araine is killing Voroan - the orb is a storage device. The reader/copier for the orb was the device Araine used to hit Voroan.

Thanks for reviewing.

Pretty good so far.

My only real problem was that I couldn't really hear the people too well, but it was still good anyways. I liked how the 3d fit in with the rest of the animation, as well. I'd definitely like to see where this story goes.

On a side note, I almost laughed when I recognized that credits song of yours :P Fellow Last Exile fan, eh?

Wish I could give it an 8.5/10 instead of just an 8...

RPGsrok responds:

Yes well, I've said it before, I'll say it again - my sound design sucks. I'm working on a subtitled version though, and I'll be sure to tell you (if you'd like) when I upload it. My 3D skills aren't that good - though if Swift 3D does ANYTHING well, it does create imagery that blends very naturally into flash.

I had been a little annoyed at my choice of music there - I would've liked to have an original (or at least instrumental) ending, but I guess it was worthwhile to find another Last Exile fan. ^^ I wouldn't be surprised if the inclusion of Greek was a result of some sort of subconscious influence from Last Exile, now that I think of it.

You COULD have rounded up and given me a 9 ^^ But its cool xD. Thanks for reviewing!