Reviews for "My Problem with Shmups"


FIRE EVERYTHING!!! that part was funny...Great vid ill stick around


I have never thought about this although i have played my share of shooters that are like this and i find it hilarious that someone has finally been able to make fun of it. The ship needs more detail, interior and external though.


Good lip sync. Was this making fun of Galaga that old 80's arecade game?

Good Job

Average artwork and animation, but the jokes / dialogue made up for that.

I enjoyed this and can relate, played many Shmups in my time :P

Nice work.


Good video but the characters looked pretty bad, yet the ships looks so simple and accurate of that style. You should have made the characters look more simple to keep it looking more sharp. It would've been cool to see to the ship dodge all the beams in a classic arcade shooter style too but either way still good and funny