Reviews for "My Problem with Shmups"


That was great. Haven't laught like that in a long time.

It's alright

I think the writing and the observations are funny, and i laughed.

However, the character models are beyond stiff and everything moved pretty awkwardly. This can be forgiven I suppose but it's still worth pointing out because it can really detract from the flash itself.

As well some of the colors don't really jive with me... Something about that stock flash gradient has always rubbed me the wrong way...

But I'm sure you don't care.

Like I said, it's funny, I just think the character models are pretty bad, lol.


I am kind of a fan of shmups, but I enjoyed this clip a lot regardless! The humour was completely appropriate and I personally found no problems with the animation. Good job!

The only thing to improve now is your pronunciation of ensign. It's pronounced (the letter)N-sign (as in sign here).

I am looking forward to viewing more of your work. Nice one!

Flash Reference is Flashy

"Does is it's hitbox like two pixels wide?"


since atari games, this idea has always lingered in my head, thank you haha 10/10