Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Nice Really Nice

Nice Concept. Reminds me of Kamikaze Suicide. Nice Game O__Od Keep that up. The Musictheme rulez anyway :D

Like the concept

I like the idea of an invincible man being used as a crux, or indeed an excuse, for another platform puzzle game. I wont judge on graphics because in all honesty I wasn't focusing on them, just the next level. The music was appropriately intense enough for the purpose it served, which is important as music can either fill you with expectation and make you more involved, or it can be a total let-down. The theme from "Shaft" would be no use here :)
Good, challenging puzzles which progressively got harder, as obviously expected. Grats.

PS. People, read the author comments, or even just pay attention, as your tour guide for the first couple of levels told you there was a reset button, and so did Klauskk. And BenParisl. And now me.

Needs an obvious restart button

This what fun and Challenging puzzle games. I can't get enough of puzzle games! I think that there should be a restart button or a menu button because I spend a lot of time unable to die. I spent a lot of time bouncing on a dead guy when I was trying to pick them up. Also, because I didn't find out about using the ESC key until the very last level, I just kept killing myself to "restart" the playing field. Great game though!

try the escape button Afforess

This game is totally awesome. I really wish I had the mind to make puzzle games like this. I wish it was longer, but i guess we'll just have to wait for a sequel. The only change I would make is adding a graphic that tells the player that they can access the main menu by pressing the escape button, or maybe just add a button press that restarts the level. I, like Afforess got stuck bouncing on a body in a corner because I did not know it was possible to restart.

If you get stuck in a level...

Your screwed. You won't be able to reset that level and start over, or move your hero out of the place. Game Breaker.