Reviews for "Kill Me!"

I lol'd so hard

And then I almost pissed myself laughing when I discovered you could bounce on your fat corpse's belly. Also the screams just amplify the funny.

bit buggy

great music, great idea, great puzzles.
was ok until the last level, thats when i ripped 2 good pairs of earbuds in half.
i knew exactly what to do but everytime i would go a little close to the spikes and BAM invincible man just kind of teleports over a little bit into the spikes. :/ i gave up.

how is he Invincible Man...

if him dying is a gameplay mechanic?


Really nice concept. To the guy below- while it does seem like Karoshi, you need to use the dead bodies to get to an exit. Simillar, but a lot different.


Hey look, another version of Karoshi: Suicide Salary Man