Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Not Bad!

i dont know about anyone else but i honestly thought this would be a really uninteresting ridiculously easy game. It was a pleasant surprise to be challenged.
helped me waste time without getting so bored i was considering setting cats on fire.

Think you could make a game about that? :D

Very nice game

I gotta say this is a very creative way of a puzzler game. Very unique & pretty entertaining

funny concept & fun game

the controls are a little tricky. i would like if the jump button was a different key or maybe if it had WASD controls.

overall, i liked it, and will recommend to friends.

Lv 14, Impossible

There's no way in hell I'll ever get past this level.

Sorry but still ok

nice game but frustrating deserves a 5 and for reminding me of karoshi an 8 :D