Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Room for sequel =<

It was pretty good, you could go on to make more by saying the chemical didn't actually kill him, or you could even mix it up a bit and be all like, "As it turns out, the poison mixed with his rebirth and gave him all new powers!"

But yeah, sequel would be rather easy from there, and you can improve upon the games formula with the above quoted text.

Nice work, keep it up.

This is an excellent game, but one question....

If he's Invincible Man, then he shouldn't be able to die before the end of the game, right? No matter, it's still a fun game, though Level 14 was a real stumper......

awesome game

Awesome game took me 38 min on the first run through if anyone is stumped on the last level you have to die on the red button.


178 deaths in 43 minuites, i doubt i broke any records but i did get through it.

I enjoyed it, level 14 made me want to pull my hair out but it was a good game.


My favorite puzzle game ever but it started to piss me off at lvl 13. Fun stuff...