Reviews for "Kill Me!"


A good platformer with a different concept from most. It is quite easy enough however, to finish in one sitting.

A very tiny hitch though, it is very inconvenient having to right-click and press Show All to properly observe the entire level, and even more inconvenient having to do that every time I finish or restart a level. However, since there are no instances off-screen spikes that may harm you at any level, there is actually no need to do this to finish the game.

Also, the only similarity between this game and Karoshi is the main character wanting to die. In this game to finish levels, you have to make use of your character's death whereas in Karoshi the goal in each level IS to die. So please, do not play this game thinking it is a Karoshi rip-off for it is a unique platformer in its own right.


I like the concept of this game, in where you have to kill yourself to reach places so you can pass to the next level, This is a very creative game, Nice Job! And i had a lot of fun playing it!


....I liked it!
Just one thing that bothers me......
...Why he wants to die?? He is a superhero isn't he? I want to be a superhero

His Dying Scream(Ouch!) and his Jumping Sound is really funny, Whooa...
You could have been done more things to do, like balls that move, keys to open doors, robots to kill, guns, teleports, checkpoints,an Invincible Girl(Yea!), I don't know, something like that.

·Graphics: 8 / 10
·Effects: 9 / 10
·Difficulty: 6 / 10 [It's not TOO hard, but the corpse limit sucks man :D]
··Superman Cape: 10/10 [ I liked it! ]
···Overall: 33 / 40 [ = 8 Stars ]

Hilariously Creative

Although I didn't beat it, it was funny and I liked how you had to kill yourself in order to proceed to your goal...which is killing yourself, haha.

I liked it

I liked the use of the three corpse limit, although the game was too easy too complet. I would like to see a harder and longer sequal