Reviews for "Kill Me!"

Nice, but...

You know, I was enjoying the game, and I ewen think I got almoust to the end, when i was so frustrated that I stopped playing. I returned and I found out that there is no resume button :(( (not even when you go to main menu )


i thought it was gonna be a suicide salaryman ripoff but luckily i was wrong...nice job congrats

very fun

people are stupid for critically analyzing the realism of using corpses. i think it's a funny story and very creative. about the guy that proposed "McGuffin" whatevers, don't it would ruin the fun and turn the game into something it isn't supposed to be. it wasn't a retarded amount of difficult, but exactly difficult enough for me to not spend too long and still feel satisfied with me being smart when winning. the last level was so much fun! :)

good job!!

Hard as hell

i cant get past 1 of the levels


Those death screams remind me of Nicholas Cage for some reason. xP