Reviews for "Kill Me!"

good stuff

its fun, and a little original and the cartoon gore goes down well. got to the end pretty ok...but it wasnt ridiculously easy.

Doesnt work

Games start menu does nothing.


really addictive game. I can,t beat level 10.

Couldn't stop!

Really addicting game.
I refused to give up until he drank the elixer.
Very fun, and I loved the concept.

Pretty good, actually.

You didn't read correctly. He can die; he just resurrects upon death. The goal of the game is to get the poison that will keep him dead forever.

But I digress. I gotta admit, you've got a pretty neat set-up with this game. I like how some of the level titles are obvious hints, and the last level really makes you use critical thinking skills. Kudos, my good man.