Reviews for "Bababadalgharaghtakamm..."

Not bad

But the controls are stiff and awkward, not very driven either, it was still pretty good though.


not bad..pretty good.
the only real probelm i came across is that you don't have a "strafe" key...so maybe Q & E could have been "strafe left", "strafe right"...because without that, it's really hard to tactically go around corners

Not one for looks.

The style of game play was very similar to Wolfenstein 3D.

The main killer for me was the graphics, just too pixelated.

I didn't understand the RPG, it sent you into an over view world? where you talked to females and said highly obscene things to them and then you came back to the maze and the enemy s on the screen were then gone. I am not tracking with that at all.

A story/plot would have been an nice addition.

A default weapon for when you run out of ammo, such as a knife would been a good thing to add.

I had a problem with enemys seeming to come out of no where to then hurt me. I am not sure if this is a glitch or simply because of the pixelation. I do though suspect it might be with me not knowing their range of attack which is somewhat difficult to gauge.


this was boring