Reviews for "Bababadalgharaghtakamm..."


it's good

Good for a flash game...

But I agree with Bigbadguy on how there should be an explanation for the controls, along with strafing. I would also say a targeting reticule, but it seems that you can shoot whatever is on screen as long as it's in range, so it's fine. There also seems to be a bug or glitch of some sort that I found where I was either getting attacked by an invisible enemy, or the enemy was just stuck inside a wall and attacked me from there.


What is this? 4-bit Wolfenstein 3D? It's too blocky to be 8-bit! Hahahaha XD

Anyway, good job on the game. Having written Trace-nstien I appreciate how you handled the processing load in a ray casting engine to make an interesting game.

Oh my jesus

The RPG launcher is fucking hysterical. This game looks rough at first but god it's worth it to keep playing.

ok here is my review

needs to show the controlers (i thought it was an arcade fps), and if you are going to make an fps it demands a strafe moving controller scheme or otherwise you get your ass kicked on any corner, pixel graphics for an fps is not bad but ill rather have some more detaled art and music was ok