Reviews for "Bababadalgharaghtakamm..."

So when I pressed Z, I was like: "Oh, hey, a Doom clone. Cool. I got a Glock. Let's see mow much damage I can do." So then I move forward and it was like playing Marathon or something, you run at about fifty seven bajillion miles an hour and turn at the speed of light, making it nigh imposssible to hit anything. And all the enemies are around corners, meaning you kind of just, well, die.

Best Doom clone, 4/5

i just see a doom clone that and i don't know how to shoot you could put a how to play in the info box it could be a fun game but without knowing how to shoot my gun i have to give it a 2 just for it being a FPS sorry

HOLY CRAP! I had a jumpscare when i cam around corners in this game. VERY GOOD pixel fps


First of all, this is the ONLY game I know of that has graphics worse than minecraft.

The way this game is designed is near perfect! The graphics and music really make me feel like I'm playing Wolfenstein or Doom.

The game is impossible (-1 point for that), and I would have loved to see an ending, or at least a little bit more length to the game, but I love it!


Interesting concept that does not quite work

I like the concept a lot, but the visuals were hard on the eyes and a bit confusing. The controls were also an issue. Like someone else was saying, the mouse would probably have worked better (though, that might have a conscious decision on your part to keep it in that 4 bit/8bit style). Still, it would have increased the precision and accuracy, instead of relying on phantom shooting the enemies, and made the game more enjoyable. It would also have been great if you increased the color pallet and bit range a little more. As is, it felt like I was running through some confusing box maze.