Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"


Mmm~ Escaped in 2.34.
Awesome escape game! Now I'll have to try the others.

Great game

Great game

I did have one issue. The math problem; it wasn't that the problem was hard, but I couldn't figure out the formula to convert temperature from C to F.


Dude, your games kick-ass. Some of the best escape games around. Glad to finally play another. Difficult, logical, and well-rendered. Your music is also excellent--is it original?
Since it's C 2009, you must have been sitting on this for a while (by that I mean keeping it to yourself on your site). We know it takes time to make these, so why don't you just advertise when you come out with new ones on Newgrounds? That way you won't have to wait until you get less traffic towards the game before posting it here, because everyone on Newgrounds will go immediately to your site.

cool but...

it waz a great game and very educational
10/10 for education intagreation
5/5 for realism
100% awesomw
is u97 a real chemical
if so 5/5 for correct mixture and if not 3/5 for a good try at least
for the next game try to make harder longer and more complicated and more like a story
i like a challenge and all of them 1,2,2.5,3,4,&5 are TOO EASY AND I SPEAK FOR ALL OF THE PEOP:E WHO PLAYED THIS GAME AND THOUGHT THE SAME THING
it took me just under a minute to get out and with everything.

love your work!

another awesome game! :) i like that the time actually matters in this game, as well. puts pressure on the player. can't wait for more!