Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

Awesome Game!

The hypothermia thing added a good countdown, and it involved a lot of strategy to play! Great game!

Pretty cool

Just love the escape series.
My record is 1:23 ;p

Pretty good

Takes way too long to die. If anyone avoids these games because of the urgency of being timed, don't worry, because you have 20 minutes to finish this game. I had to use the walkthrough for the circuit board, I didnt understand it but I suppose other people did. And I wish you had included the conversion sheet, to keep things in game so we wouldn't have to google it. I applaud the use of basic math, it was very easy to figure out otherwise.

Great game, but...

Who hates this guy so much that they repeatedly try to kill him? We should find out in like the next game or something.

I love it! I played this game about four times, my longest try way 14:56, my quickest try was 1:58! Big difference! :3 and people say Im not good at these games.