Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

Hey, very good!

I loved it.

I didn't suppose I would have to move my head visiting newgrounds today. The game entertained a lot. It made me curious why I am there and what happened actually; even more - what will happen when I get out - I just wish those areas would have been explored. While I know this game is not about that I believe it could be a part of next James Bond movie :)

The smile that grew on my face when I said to myself (inside guys, not so psycho yet): "I know what you're talkin' 'bout" after reading text on the crate made my day.

Haven't played any other of the series but will do right now surely. Isn't that a good recommendation? :) Have a great day.

Nice game

Don't get the ending though...
What's in there ?


spoiler alert

Fun escape game, not too hard and not too easy, I give it a 9 because it is too short, i wish it was longer, sorry ;)

for those ppl can't understand the circuit board, the 3 gray lines need to connected to green lines for running the fan, green lines have 3 disconnected spots, so put those 3 jumpers in the right spot can connect the line and active the fan(feel like a muze puzzle)

Just in...1:45 :D!!

Awesome...but the easier in the series D:!
Anyway i did it!


But I have one question. What is the point of the silver key?