Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

Love it!

I beat it in 00:06:14 without the walkthrough. :D

good allround game.

in all honnestly it's a well made game makes you think on your feet knowing you have a time limit with many tricky puzzles,
the only thing I can think of to improve on it is maybe making it a bit longer to give that added sense of urgency, maybe one or two more puzzles or maybe adding an alternitive route to compleating the game (just a couple of thoughts)

and as for the people complaining about the math, if one exceptionally simple sum is really all that hard for you stop wasting your time playing games and go to *expletive deleted* school and pay attention maybe you'll be able to add a couple of numbers, then convert it (by multiplying then dividing and adding another number) you know something most 5 year olds can do with little problem


I did it without the walkthrough! Hoorah!

To crwdryny below me: You only learn that in American schoolls, which still use farenheit as a measurement. Seriously, the rest of the world does metric, we don't learn to go back. Hard for the non american players ;-)

What, really, was the point of the other key?


But awesome :)

had to cheat.. but still loved the game

very good, i like it when series keep up their effort and producing such good games.