Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"


I can't believe I forgot about that last thing you had to do...
Otherwise, I made it through withou a guide in 12:01.


First time I didn't have to use a walkthrough.

Nah, just kidding. I liked how there was additional time pressure on us alongside trying to rush the timer.

Shame we don't get healed when putting on the suit and rising the temperature, but hey.

Afro-Ninja responds:

actually your temperature will increase if you wear the suit and the thermostat is set to chilled

Love it

Easier than the previous ones, but I think the whole freezer thing is totally cool, having once done a shitload of research on sub-zero enviornments for one of my conworlder's projects, and the U97 being acidic at supercooled temperatures... just somehow seems totally original to me even though it's probably been done before.

Awesome Game

But it wont let me use the U97 on the floor only bug I found.

My personal best in this game is 8:16. Very interesting game, I don't really understand the point of having the silver key. It serves no purpose