Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

good as always but just who is putting you in these situations?

Great game. I love how you increased the tension with a simple bar but that really added to the game, although I'm still curious as to the utility of the silver key.

Once again, Afro Ninja has given us a great escape game. I actually like how you can die in here (I am currently doing that to see what the screen says after that). Thank you for an easy escape game!

Very well thought out. I really enjoyed this one! To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, use Google!

And as for the engine improvements, they were slight, but I most definitely could tell the game ran smoother then the previous releases. Keep up the good work!

P.S. Guna have to do the walkthrough, I never used the silver key! What was it for? :p

Guys, you can convert it to Fahrenheit by using a temperature online converter. Use the internet please!