Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

Great Game!!

Arrrr, I have to get hypothermia first because of the missing jumper
But managed to did it in 5 minute on the 2nd run :/

Very Nice

The game was great, I spent 18 minutes playing it and I had lots of fun.
The graphics were great and the fact that so many information looked so real, made you feel like you were really there, not playing the game.

This was a nice idea for an escape game, keep up the good work

wH3w !!!

i finished it in just 1:10 !!

Yet another creative work but

As a prior poster noted, not having the conversion in game makes it almost impossible to figure out without googling. While it may be true most folks would just google it, I got heavily immersed into the game that I did not bother to check whether or not the conversion was put into the game until....after 3 failed attempts? save that small qualm, it was good.

really cool game

loved the game and the reality behind it. The fact there was a time limit, and that this could actually happen to someone...well almost :)... made it all the better. Very awesome =. again loved how realistic the idea was behind the game