Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"


i finished with a time of 00:01:58!

Enjoyable and fun

15 odd minutes or so, loved it.

Great game but...

It was a great game, had a lot of fun playing it but compared to the other escape series this one was way too easy. I mean hell, I couldn't complete any of your others escape games and I managed to do this one in less than 20 minutes? Maybe I'm just getting smarter I dunno.

So I was slightly dissappointed. Hope you don't mind.

Very good!

Well, I am not very surprised that this was rated #1 in the daily feature. As soon as I clicked on the game I automatically rated it 5 stars because-well- you never cease to create outstanding games!! So, I would like to say that this is another job well done and you should keep doing what you do. Hopefully you'll respond to this!

Another job well done.

Amazing game. Beast. Keep putting them out man.