Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

32 seconds

goddamn this game is good.


tankman 34 sez: 1:00 min.

from me: yo are a fokin' liar


I am ashamed to have gotten stuck at the part where the electricity was used =(

At any rate though, I thought that some of the puzzles involved were fairly difficult, but they weren't impossible, nor did they involve pure guessing. I like that! And you also avoided pixel hunting for the most part. It's a simple escape game I can recommend to my friends if they get board one day.

One has to wonder what the room possibly could have been used for though if the only way in was the hatch...

beat it now!

51sec. WHOO!!!

and awsome game by the way kinda hard if you don't know what your doing though

1:00 min

beat that