Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"


Awesome, it took me many tries to complete it. The first attempt was... 01:56:27 or something like that. Now I can do it in EXACTLY 00:01:59!

oh Simple

beat 1:35 and it was 1:29

Loved it!

Man, this series is awesome and cool. Hope there's a 6th. Oh and try and beat 1:35. HA!


time:12:06 i kinda suck good game hope to see a 6th and if it's not to mutch a 7th


Great game AN I have followed the proclaimed "nonexistent story" but the one I can follow is the way all of your Escape Series have gotten better every time I play them. Also, to all with the "beat that" stuff I would like to challenge you all to beat my own time which was 0:58 and I did not use the walkthrough just incase you ask. If anyone does beat my time please message me.