Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

cool but...

it waz a great game and very educational
10/10 for education intagreation
5/5 for realism
100% awesomw
is u97 a real chemical
if so 5/5 for correct mixture and if not 3/5 for a good try at least
for the next game try to make harder longer and more complicated and more like a story
i like a challenge and all of them 1,2,2.5,3,4,&5 are TOO EASY AND I SPEAK FOR ALL OF THE PEOP:E WHO PLAYED THIS GAME AND THOUGHT THE SAME THING
it took me just under a minute to get out and with everything.

not as good as the others

i think this was the most easy escape in the series

nice game

it took me a while to figure everything out especially the pascode which i will not mention to keep it fun


I can not understand how people finished this game so fast...
Is it because they just clicked everywhere?
Cuz I was actually thinking while playing this game the first time, and I finished in 12 minutes and 54 seconds...
Well, maybe I just suck at escape games, or these people are just a bunch of liars..

The game is really nice.
I enjoyed it very much.
You really made this one very realistic, and you may even taught me a thing or two by making this game.
Thanks for that :) and ofcourse 10/10 for the educational- and the funfactor.

Well that was fun

Keep up the good work dude.