Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

Great! but what the silver key using for?

I've always loved this game. Personal best - 1:06

Cool game. 9:55 on my first try. I would have been quicker but I didn't read the 3 page memo to the end (sub-temps! lol). As for replaying it... I don;t see the point as I have already figured everything out.

@notsew10: You're right, the majority of people don't know how to convert to Fahrenheit, which is why the majority of people who are playing this game (and therefore have access to the internet) will go to Google and type "__ celsius to--" (at which point auto complete should take over, and the search results pop-up with a magical Google gadget right there on your results screen that tell you the converted temperature). This process should take less than 10 seconds, which is frankly probably faster than most people who DO know how to convert to Fahrenheit could actually do that math in their head.

Just like puzzle/escape games that ask you to do multi-step math problems that involve multiplication or division of numbers larger than 6 or so certainly don't expect you to do it all in your head, I doubt Afro-Ninja expected you to convert to Fahrenheit off the top of your head. I understand being frustrated at encountering that task, especially if you live outside the US and feel like you're being marginalized, but saying "this was just terrible" and giving 1.5 stars for the WHOLE GAME, just because you didn't like the fact that he asked you to solve an easily solvable task that NO ONE (U.S. OR elsewhere) would expect to do off the top of their head? That just seems a little silly. The game should be rated based on its merits as a work, not based on your annoyance over having to convert numbers. If you don't want to have to convert numbers, don't play escape puzzle games.

That said, the game-- rated on its merits-- was excellent. Another slam dunk from Afro-Ninja: challenging, yet solvable (I'm not that fast at these usually, and I got 12:33), with nice, clean graphics, great functionality, intuitive puzzles, and a cool soundtrack. 5/5! Keep up the great work.

I'm sorry but this was just terrible, not everyone in the world knows how to convert to fahrenheit, the majority of people don't, so don't just assume your player know how to do that.